Nov 23, 2009

GYPSY Giveaway!!

They have started a blog for gypsy owners for inspiration!!! Go check out the new spot to be inspired & enter to win a new gypsy!!!

The Gypsy Spot

Nov 18, 2009

Some cards I've been working on!

I've been dabbling in card making lately - mainly because its a fun way to share some crafting with people I care about. I am NOT a pro - but I do really enjoy it!!!

Nov 16, 2009

All Hallow's Eve Kits!

I've finally gotten some time to get the Halloween book done - I am not doing a class for this book - just kits. The kit will include everything to complete a 12 page halloween themed mini album! The album will hold NINE 4x6 photos & TEN 4x3 photos (4x6 photo cut in half!) plus more - because 4 of the pages in the album are envelopes - that you can fill with whatever your heart desires!!! Inside your kit you will get the link to the detailed photos of every page. All of the hard work is done for you - all you have to do is gather your favorite photos!! I accept paypal ($2 extra) and I will ship to anywhere in the US (shipping is extra). This kit is only $30!!! Kits must be ordered & paid for by Friday Nov 20th -if you would like one you MUST pre-pay. The supplies will take approx. 3-5 days to arrive to me & it will take me approx 1 week to create the kits. Kits will be available for pick up or shipping on Saturday December 5th. Please email me with questions!
Take care - thanks for checking out my blog!!!


Oct 2, 2009

Finally getting the bugs worked out!

I am finally getting some of the bugs workded out! I lost all of my old posts so I put a slide show with pics from projects I uses to have posted. You should be able to click on it to view them larger.

I am working on my Halloween class right now & will be posting the pics very soon!!! Please check back in a few days!!!

Oct 1, 2009

Lost my blog!!!

I've lost my blog! Anyone know where it's gone? Just kidding - I tried to do some new stuff to it & it got all messed up!!! Please check back soon - I will have it all fixed - hopefully! Thanks for stopping by!!!